Exciting News from North West Syria!

This past year, our dedicated team has achieved remarkable progress in mortality surveillance across Northwest Syria. Here are some highlights:

πŸš€ Conducted over 600 interviews in 8 months, led by 3 Supervisors & 20 Community Health Workers.

πŸ” Developed Syria’s first mortality surveillance system using verbal autopsy.

πŸ’‘ Implemented a reliable, cost-effective system for collecting untracked cause-of-death data.

πŸ₯ Key findings include insights into community vs. hospital deaths, sex ratio of age-specific mortality rates, and regional differences.

🌟 Special focus on adult and child mortality patterns, revealing crucial data for public health policies.

This project is not just about numbers; it’s about real lives and making a lasting impact on global health. Thanks to everyone involved for making this possible! πŸ™

Learn more about our journey and impact in Northwest Syria:Β MakeDeathsCount.org/nws

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