50% of all deaths globally are not counted.

90% are in Low-&-Middle Income Countries.

These are the facts. We're changing them.

We are MakeDeathsCount, a global health data company. We develop mortality surveillance systems in Low-&-Middle Income Countries through partnerships with Ministries of Health and NGOs. We collect Cause of Death (CoD) data from the most remote regions globally using our proprietary methodology.

And we’re the first and only organization in the world to do so.

What are we Solving?

Half of all the deaths in the world are unregistered. Half! 

This means that people are dying at home and in communities where they never see a physician who can assign a cause of death to them.

Without this data on half of the world’s dying population, we cannot address preventable causes of death in these communities. Worse yet, without this data, we might be missing where the next pandemic is brewing.

Without data, the world operates in the blind.

How we do it

Our proprietary method relies on survey based data collection and machine learning analysis. 

We provide training to our partners in conducting standardized interviews in the community with families about their deceased loved ones. 

The collected survey data is then analyzed using machine learning algorithms to provide the likely causes of death on the community level for decision makers to make data-driven decisions. 

Our Services

We offer comprehensive support to NGOs and Ministries of Health globally for the implementation of mortality surveillance systems. The following services can be provided individually or as a package:

Verbal Autopsy Training

Our VA training is typically administered over a 5-day period with specifics based on the particular module. MDC provides this tailored training directly to the supervisors who then train the interviewers in a Training of Trainers model.

Technical Support

Mortality surveillance projects rely on technical resources such as mobile tablets, servers, and data analysis software. MDC provides full technical assistance for obtaining valid and reliable Cause of Death data using verbal autopsy.

Data Analysis

MDC conducts data analysis at the conclusion of projects on data collected in the field. The end product is a comprehensive and customizable report of the findings including Cause of Death data provided to our partners.

Academic Writing

MDC can assist and provide guidance on research design, sample size, statistical analysis and publishing of work in academic journals.

Mortality Data Access

MDC provides subscription access to collected mortality data to interested organizations for research purposes with approval of our partners.

Public Health Practicum

MDC offers an immersive public health practicum for graduate students in public health and global health, providing comprehensive hands-on experience.

Where we Work

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We’re always looking to connect with people willing to support our work or just interested in learning more. 

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